Agri-Mark Manufacturing Facilities

West Springfield, Massachusetts

Located at the crossroads of Route I-91 and the Massachusetts Turnpike, the West Springfield plant manufactures five principle products - heavy sweet cream, condensed skim milk, skim milk, nonfat dry milk powder, and butter. The plant processes milk from farms in both New England and New York.

Middlebury, Vermont

Most of Cabot's award winning cheddar cheese is manufactured at the cooperative's facility in Middlebury, Vermont. The Middlebury plant incorporates the latest in cheese making technology to produce over 150,000 pounds of high quality cheddar cheese each production day. After being boxed and labeled, the cheese is stored at the co-op's 54,000 square foot cheddar aging warehouse located on-site.

The latest investment in Middlebury came in 2000 when Agri-Mark members invested $20 million to build a new facility that concentrates whey proteins to 80% (WPC 80). With the market for whey proteins growing annually, this has proven to be an excellent investment for the cooperative. For detailed information about Agri-Mark's whey protein products, go to

The Middlebury plant also produces bovine lactoferrin, which is a nutritional whey protein found in cow's milk and is a natural antimicrobial protein and an immuno-modulator.

Cabot, Vermont

The Cabot facility manufactures top quality Vermont dairy products such as cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, and specialty cheeses. Cabot is also the location of a 70,000 square foot cheese aging and distribution warehouse, as well as the cut and wrap operation which processes millions of pounds of cheese per year into many different consumer retail sizes.

Chateaugay, New York

Home of the McCadam Cheese, the Chateaugay plant has the capability to manufacture 20 different cheeses. Whether it is Muenster from the deli for mouth-watering sandwiches or Adirondack Reserve Cheddar for snacking at its best, McCadam offers New York's finest cheeses.